Meeting the Needs of Ethnocultural Markets

A business opportunity exists for 'head and feet on' chicken to meet growing ethnocultural markets for chicken in Ontario. Chicken is the dominant protein for ethnocultural consumers, but they have differing requirements.

  •      Annual consumption in Hong Kong is 41kg per capita against 31kg for Canada (Ipsos FIVE)
The population demographics in Ontario continue to change and evolve offering new areas for market growth:
  •      260,000 new immigrants into Canada annually adding to the current immigrant population of 7 million
  •      Chinese and South Asian population over 1.3 million in the GTA (Citizenship and Immigration Canada,      2012)

The Future is Growing 

Current markets for ‘head and feet on' chicken account for 0.4% of Ontario's chicken production. Fresh sales opportunities are being missed and competitors continue to take advantage of sales through supply of frozen product of approximately 700,000kg per annum. The market opportunity is estimated to be over 3.0% annually as 'head and feet on' chicken. This, coupled with the population growth and change, demonstrates that the Ontario specialty breeds chicken market is a significant business growth opportunity for the Ontario chicken industry.