Growing Ontario, Together

The Specialty Markets Advisory Team (SMAT) consists of selected industry representatives who understand the market and are committed to growing Ontario's specialty breeds chicken sector. The Team will facilitate this growth by developing positive, productive relationships with and between sector value chain participants to create an orderly and profitable growth industry in Ontario.

The initial primary functions are to advance knowledge and strategies, including:

  1. Provide leadership, attract and support new entrants connecting appropriate specialty breeds chicken production with specialty breeds chicken markets.
  2. Identifying market growth opportunities through customer and consumer knowledge and insight.
  3. Provide supportive leadership and act as a catalyst in collaboratively advancing CFO's Specialty Breeds Chicken Program, and monitoring and reporting related performance objectives to the Board and to the specialty breeds chicken sector.
  4. Be a change agent, developing opportunities and engineering Ontario's specialty breeds chicken sector to be efficient and effective in meeting consumer specialty breeds chicken markets.